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A bit of background story:

I often refer to Alternative Processes as "us" but really it's a one man show. 
My name is Chiara Salvi and I funded this platform shortly after graduating in Photography at the London College of Communication (UAL). I became involved with alternative processes back in 2016 when working on my grad show that included cyanotype, liquid emulsion and chemigrams. I realised it was a whole movement thanks to the London Alternative Photography Collective and started attending their workshops and talks.


I was fascinated by how different an image produced with such processes looked like compared to the kind of photography I had been taught about and was familiar with: spotless, framed, refined, controlled. 
Initially, it was a way of putting together a collection, a display, an exhibit of artists I liked and a way to make a pattern visible. I enjoyed going back to it to find inspiration, people liked it too.

As it evolved I collaborated with art galleries and associations and curated exhibitions, designed workshops and got involved with the local communities. Today, I am expanding the platform by launching this website and working on further collaborations, shows, video content and articles. Stay tuned!