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Alternative Processes



Deadline: February 15th

We are looking for artists and designers with a passion for integrating photosensitive processes into textiles, to contribute to an online exhibition.

Guest Curator: Ally Cirelli from The Griffin Museum of Photography
Selected Artists will win a Jacquard Product Solar Fast Starter Kit, will be included in an online exhibition on our website with extensive publications over our blog and social media and join a talk with the guest curator.

We are interested in all kinds of pieces created using fabric and alternative processes, and the innovation through shape, pattern, texture, color, layering techniques. transforming traditional printing methods into innovative, tactile pieces. 

This exhibition is an exploration of the intrinsic value of handcrafted textiles, juxtaposing the intimate art of handmade prints against the backdrop of the fast fashion industry. We delve into the essence of fabric—its weave, its dyes, the hands that shape it—and how these elements manifest as an extension of the artist's vision and narrative, a return to the tactile roots of textile art. We encourages viewers to reconsider their relationship with clothing and the fabrics they own, challenging the disposability of trends and advocating for a wardrobe that carries stories, heritage, and a human touch. 

We love:

  • Innovative Materials and Techniques: We are particularly interested in submissions that push the boundaries of what can be achieved with photosensitive processes on textiles. 

  • Narrative and Storytelling: We are eager to see how personal narratives and cultural histories are woven into fabric-based designs.

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches: Submissions that incorporate interdisciplinary approaches, blending science, technology, and art to create forward-thinking fashion pieces, are highly encouraged. There should be a photosensitive process employed.


1) This open call has an open offer application fee. 

What does it mean?

In response to the rising operational costs, we are introducing a flexible contribution model for our application fee, empowering applicants to decide the amount they are comfortable contributing. 


Contributions are voluntary, reflecting what applicants feel is fair and manageable for the applicant, and will directly support the organization's initiatives, including events, publications, and educational content. This model underscores our commitment to fostering a supportive and accessible community, encouraging broad participation while sustaining our programs and activities.

Send your OPEN OFFER Application Fee HERE

 if you want to read more about our OPEN OFFER Application Fee approach, read here

2) You can submit up to 10 images, max 2 body of work.
Images should be in JPEG format and not exceeding 1MB per image.


3) Provide a description for each body of work, including title and a focus on the technique(s) used.  (max 200 words per body of work).

4) A concise artist statement (max 300 words) that reflects on your artistic practice, your interest in photosensitive processes and textiles, and how your work contributes to the themes of the call.

Submit your work here



Ally Cirelli from The Griffin Museum of Photography

Ally Cirelli (she/her) is a curator, writer, and arts administrator based in Boston, MA. Currently, Ally serves as the Associate Director of The Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. Prior to joining the Griffin, Ally worked for several years as an analyst in financial services before eventually transitioning into the museum field. She then served as the Education and Programming Fellow for the Tufts University Art Galleries and as a Curatorial Research Assistant for the Baltimore Museum of Art. Ally holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Kenyon College and a master’s degree in Art History and Museum Studies from Tufts University, specializing in contemporary American photography and its intersections with identity.

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