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Alternative Processes


20 February

27 February


Alternative Processes Fashion Week stands as a new, unique event celebrating artists who found themselves at the intersection of fashion design and the realm of alternative processes.

It's a week-long tribute to photographers and designers who employ unconventional printing methods on fabric and textiles. The unique nature of working with alternative processes on textiles presents a set of technical hurdles. We seek to explore these challenges collectively, sharing insights, techniques, and innovations that can help overcome these obstacles.
We do so by inviting chemical manifacturers, artists, technicians, curators, fashion designers, business owners to contribute to the conversation. 

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Gabriela Cardona


5-15 February

We are seeking artists and designers who combine cyanotype, anthotype, and other photosensitive processes with textiles to create wearable art and fabric-based designs. We are interested in all kinds of pieces created using fabric and alternative processes, and the innovation through shape, pattern, texture, color, layering techniques.

Guest curator: Ally Cirelli from the Griffin Museum of Photography 
Artists selected will win a
Jacquard Product Solar Fast Starter Kitbe included in an online exhibition on with extensive publications over our blog and social media and join a talk with the guest curator.


Sponsored by:
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10 February

GIVEAWAY with Jacquard Products
On February 10th, we will start running a giveaway on our social channels in partnership with Jacquard Products for Alternative Processes Fashion Week. We will be giving away:

A SolarFast Starter Kit
A Cyanotype Mural Fabric,
A Cyanotype Set
A selection of SolarFast colors
20 February

Online Exhibition Publication and Free Talk
Our guest curator Ally Cirelli from the Griffin Museum of Photography  in conversation with the selected artists, open to everyone. (we will soon release link to register to attend the talk)

21 February

Running a Cyanotype Business 
Article Publication with Zooz 

A pioneer who has transformed this age-old practice into a thriving business. Zooz's journey from a hobbyist to a successful entrepreneur showcases the potential of cyanotype in modern textile art and fashion design.
23 February

Giveaway Winners Announced
In partnership with Jacquard Products for the Alternative Processes Fashion Week, we will announce the winner of:

A SolarFast Starter Kit
A Cyanotype Mural Fabric
A Cyanotype Set
A selection of SolarFast colors
24th February

Artists in Conversation:Christine Elfman & Annie Lopez
Free Talk.
Join us for an enlightening conversation between Annie Lopez and Christine Elfman, two artists who stand at the forefront of integrating photosensitive processes into fabric and fashion. This talk will explore their unique approaches to art-making—Lopez with cyanotype and Elfman with anthotype—highlighting their shared commitment to themes of memory, identity, and the passage of time.
Facilitated by the 
Griffin Museum of Photography .
(we will soon release link to register to attend the talk)
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25 February

Article Publication 
3 Cyanotype on Textile Projects you need to know 

Discover the work of Mélissa Boucher, Livvy Arau and Tina Rowe. 
26th February

Free Q&A Session with Jacquard Product
Got questions about cyanotype on fabric, solar fast, toning, washing fabric, thickeners ..? 
We got answers! 

(we will soon release link to register to attend the talk)
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