Open call for Alternative Processes first online exhibition


The Photo-Object

Personally, I am so much more receptive to physical stimulus.
As an exhibition-goer and as someone who consumes a lot of images daily, both digitally and offline, processing and interpreting digital images is increasingly challenging. I am easily distracted and it's hard to really focus on what I'm looking at. Over years I discussed the concept of experiencing art in-person several times, yet here I am working on an online exhibition. Despite having started a solid vaccination campaign Italy is still under partial lockdown, and gatherings, together with cultural events, are not allowed. This exhibition will be published on our website, however, It is my desire to bring it to the gallery at some point, once we are out of thee woods, pandemically speaking. 


Another theme I mention often is the importance of creating something, the tactile, the physical work, the “making” and the tridimensionality of photography. The piece submitted has to be created using a historic \ alternative photographic process or be the result of darkroom experimentation. 

The process of perception begins with an object in the real world. 


We have been taught and are familiar with images printed on a paper support but there is no real reason why a photograph should be rectangular, flat and thin: a photograph can be a sculpture, an object and a performance. 

I am looking for artists that blur the line between photographic image and sculpture. The idea is that the artist doesn’t simply use an object as a vehicle to show an image, it changes the very nature of the object itself by making it photosensitive and turning it into an image, conjoined and indivisible.

As long as it’s not on a piece of paper, I want to see it.

What’s the weirdest object you have printed on? I’ve seen prints on skulls, bones, rocks, glass, eggshells, candy tins, petri dishes. An artists printed on his own hand (do not, it is not safe). I like to print on marble and shells. As opposed to photography's stillness and portability I am interested in a kind of photography that takes space and is a physical record, and radically transforms the surface that hosts it. 

What gives rise to the wish or the need to define something? It usually happens when we are attracted to it, or when we find it threatening, or when it is new to us, or when it is disappearing from us. Photography attracts definition, or definitions, because it fits all of these criteria, often all at once. It has done so for quite a while now. Photography eludes definition but the more elusive it is the greater the wish to pursue it.


Is the photograph that hosts and frames the object or is the objects that hosts and frames the photograph? 





How to submit:

Send your submissions to 

Email subject: Your name - Photo Object online exhibition 

  • Jpegs file of the piece/pieces you are submitting.

  • Few words about yourself.

  • Max 500 words about your artwork, process used and support. 

  • Link to website, IG or any other platform you have! 

Deadline: April 12th 2021

Recent news have confirmed Alternative Processes presence to the Revela’T festival 2021 edition.
The Photo-Object exhibition has been selected to be part of the festival. 


Revela'T is a contemporary analogue photography festival, it will take place near Barcelona from Sept 18th to Oct 12th.

Main weekend being 24, 25, 26th September. 

Artists submitting for the online exhibition will be automatically 
considered for the physical exhibition.