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Alternative Processes Without the Sun

Film manipulation

If you're feeling the winter blues, you're not alone. With the sun playing hide and seek, it can be tough for artists like us who thrive under its rays. But don't worry, there's a way to keep your creativity glowing even on the darkest days . Remember, winter doesn't mean a full stop to your art. It's the perfect time to explore and experiment new things. I've put together some exciting ideas, handy tips, and unique twists on alternative processes

Build a UV BOX

Creating your own UV box is a fantastic way to continue with alternative photographic processes like cyanotype, salt, and carbon printing during the winter months. The UV box mimics sunlight's UV rays, which are essential for these processes. We created this free UV box building guide which includes instructions on how to use UV light sources, such as UV LED strips or bulbs, and how to construct the box from materials easily sourced from hardware stores. The box's design would ensure an even distribution of UV light over the surface where the photosensitive materials are placed.

how to build a uv box

Build a Darkroom

Paint on Old Prints

Negative Manipulation

Film Scratching

Polaroid Lifts

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