World Pinhole Photography Day 


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Honeydew Melon Pinhole Camera by Brendan Barry

World Pinhole Photography Day is an annual event held on the last Sunday of April, to commemorate the art of pinhole photography. We are calling all camera creators: we want to see your handmade pinhole cameras and one image created with the camera you built.


A pinhole photograph is created through placing photographic paper within a lightproof object facing a small hole (pinhole), that projects an image of the chosen subject via the light passing through the pinhole. The first mentions of pinhole camera technology, otherwise knows as the ‘Camera Obscura’, can be dated back to as early as fourth, and fifth, centuries by ancient Chinese and Greek philosophers. Throughout the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, the Camera Obscura was a popular tool in the fields of astrology, micrography, and drawing aid for artists. Pinhole camera technology was also a fundamental part of scientist Henry Fox Talbot’s invention of the fixed photographic image in the 1840’s.


This year Alternative Processes have invited artist Brendan Barry to be a guest curator for an online exhibition to celebrate World Pinhole Photography Day. Barry’s work encapsulates perfectly the importance of the process when it comes to camera making. From mannequins, to pineapples, and most recently his garden shed, Barry’s seemingly has the ability to turn any chosen object into a camera. We are asking for a submission of both an image of your handmade camera, and an a photograph produced by your handmade camera.


GUEST CURATOR: Brendan Barry

Brendan Barry is a photographer, educator and camera builder whose creative photographic practice combines elements of construction, education, performance and participation. His work is mostly concerned with the transformation of different objects and environments into spaces capable of viewing and capturing a photographic image, using the mechanics of photography as a tool for exploration and collaboration.

Brendan is founder & director of Positive Light Projects, a not for profit organisation using the visual arts to engage and inspire a diverse range of audiences and communities as well as developing emerging artists and aiding them move their practise forward in exciting and innovative ways.

Brendan is represented by Black Box Projects gallery.


The call will be open until the 22nd of April. Exhibition will be published on the 24th of April in occasion of World Pinhole Photography Day. 



There is no application fee.

Send your application to the email address with:

  • Email Subject:  YOURNAME_AP_World Pinhole Photography Day 

  • A picture of your handmade pinhole camera

  • A picture produced with your handmade pinhole camera

  • 300 words on how the camera was created or any relevant information about the project and the process employed.

  • You Instagram and website

    PLEASE NOTE: We kindly ask you to attach the images to the email, no we-transfer or shared drive folders. Format: JPG or PNG.