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Alternative Processes Academy

learn technical skills, develop your artistic vision
& create stunning handmade prints


The Alternative Processes Academy is an online, self-paced course designed to teach you the ins and outs of alternative photographic processes. With a focus on surfaces and materials.

What You'll Learn

  • Technical Skills: The academy takes you through hands-on modules, showing you how to print on challenging surfaces and mix processes for unique effects.

  • Artistic Vision: Develop your creative outlook, allowing your work to leave a lasting impact.

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Course Structure

  • Video Lessons: All lessons are visual-oriented and practical, slides demonstrations, and  that can be consumed at your own pace. We don't cover processes history in this course. 

  • Downloadable Materials: Make use of additional learning resources to enrich your experience.

  • Monthly Community Calls: Participate in regular discussions with Chiara and other students to share ideas and challenge

  • Private Discord Server: Daily tips and questions.

❝I'm primarily a digital photographer, but have always been curious about film and alternative processes. This course is a fun and accessible introduction to these processes, with actionable steps to take it further.❞

❝APA provides several self-paced modules on basic cameraless photography techniques for beginners and intermediate level students, though there are experienced artists in APA as well. I look forward to the new modules that are added as the program continues to evolve. APA staff are supportive, encouraging and responsive to questions and ideas from their students. It is nice to have access anytime to the modules, downloadable information sheets and the APA community as a resource!❞

❝II'm 24 and I've started to work as a fine art printer after I've graduated at ISFCI (school for photographers, in Rome). I'd like to improve my skills, so I've enjoyed the course! It's helping me a lot❞


APA students & alumni will meet with Chiara and other students monthly to discuss ideas, printing challenges and receive feedbacks. A dedicated space for talking about progress, networking & collaborating.

All APA students will have access to a private Discord server where they can ask questions, Chiara & the AP team will be checking in for support and additional prompts, to guide your progress. 


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Every week we'll feature our students in our instagram feed, interviews for blog articles, takeovers & more

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