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Alternative Processes Academy

learn technical skills & create stunning handmade prints


The Alternative Processes Academy is an online, self-paced course  crafted to immerse you in the hands-on aspects of alternative processes.

Through detailed, visual, step-by-step tutorials, it focuses on printing on a variety of surfaces and materials.

What You'll Learn inside the Academy

  • Introduction to Darkroom Printing, from zero to your first print. We take it forward by teaching you how to print on 9 surfaces with liquid emulsion. 

  • Cameraless photography techniques, such as photograms, chemigrams, watergrams, lumen prints, cyanolumens and wet cyanotypes, through step-by-step guidance.

  • Print and develop with Sustainable Processes like Chlorophyll, Anthotype, Caffenol, Salt Fixer, and a special guest lecture on Plant Developers by Melanie King. 

  • How to create Digital Negatives and Positives, use them in all processes that require them, including Cyanotype on 9 surfaces. 

  • How to create Bioplastic with agar agar or gelatine, with a special guest lecture by Martha Gray. 


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Beyond paper:
Print on any Surface with Alternative Process

Course Structure

  • Video Lessons: All lessons are visual-oriented with practical demonstration and can be watched at your own pace.
    Remember: We don't cover processes history in t
    his course. 


  • Downloadable Materials: Make use of additional learning resources to enrich your experience.

  • Monthly Community Calls & Guest Lectures: Participate in regular discussions with Chiara and other students to share ideas and challenge. Join the free guest lectures and workshops

  • Private Discord Server: Access to a private Discord server where they can ask questions, Chiara & the AP team will be checking in for support and additional prompts, to guide your progress


❝ Already in love with the analogue process and the darkroom, I was very interested in experimental processes, especially those involving organic materials, but I couldn’t find enough good information about them. The APA Academy brings together many of these processes and guides you synthetically and usefully through them.❞

​Alba Cid

Working my way through the Alternative Processes Academy has been pure joy. The modules are split into clear and easy to follow videos with pdf’s to support each one. There are tips and ideas on how to organise your materials and great advice on darkroom practice including the right mindset. It’s amazing value as there are not only new modules added regularly but an AP community on discord where we share our wins, talk about our challenges and get amazing feedback, plus there are community calls where we get more in-depth feedback. This community is filled with artists and photographers on the same journey and it’s very inspiring.

​Sophie Lascelles​

❝I was excited to sign up for the APA this year, always hungry to experiment with new materials. I was looking for inspiration and discovered the @alternativeprocesses Instagram account, making enrolling in the APA a no-brainer. The course is self-paced, so there's no stress if you can't participate for a while. The Discord online chat provides a good sharing community. I've started exploring Lumen printing and cyanotype, and with Chiara adding modules continually, it's a never-ending learning experience - great value for money❞

⎯  ​Jane Constable​



Beyond paper:
Print on any Surface with Alternative Process

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