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Alternative Processes


For this exhibition we looked for artists and designers with a passion for integrating photosensitive processes into textiles and innovating through shape, pattern, texture, color, layering techniques. 
This exhibition is an exploration of the intrinsic value of handcrafted textiles, juxtaposing the intimate art of handmade prints against the backdrop of the fast fashion industry. We delve into the essence of fabric—its weave, its dyes, the hands that shape it—and how these elements manifest as an extension of the artist's vision and narrative, a return to the tactile roots of textile art. We encourages viewers to reconsider their relationship with clothing and the fabrics they own, challenging the disposability of trends and advocating for a wardrobe that carries stories, heritage, and a human touch. Guest curator Ally Cirelli from Griffin Museum of Photography. In Partnership by Jacquard Products.


by Ally Cirelli from Griffin Museum of Photography


by Chiara Salvi from Alternative Processes

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