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Founder & Director

I founded this platform shortly after graduating in Photography at the London College of Communication (UAL). I became involved with alternative processes back in 2016 when working on my grad show that included cyanotype, liquid emulsion and chemigrams. I realised it was a whole movement thanks to the London Alternative Photography Collective and started attending their workshops and talks.
I have always been fascinated by how different an image produced with such processes looked like compared to the kind of photography I had been taught about and was familiar with: spotless, framed, refined, controlled. 

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London based artist, curator, and alumni of the MA of Art & Science at Central Saint Martins (2021) and BA Photography at Camberwell College of Arts (2018). I have been working with cyanotype as my primary medium over the last five years, always with a focus on chemical or digital intervention to create a contemporary interpretation of the historical process. My 2018 series C.V.H, re-imagines the Oxymel process through the introduction of FODMAP’s to cyanotype in an exploration of damage to the gut biome through antibiotic over prescription. My current series ‘BioCyan’ is researching bioplastic’s, combined with cyanotype, inspired by the early history of alternative photography. Using algae based bioplastics in homage to Anna Atkins, and her seminal work ‘Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions'. ‘BioCyan’ is a critique of the canon of the history of photography, and alternative process photography’s place within it.

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I first discovered analog photography in secondary school during one of my art classes. I quickly realised that I wanted to study photography and went on to do my BA in photography at the Paris College of Art. During my studies, I developed my own photographic practice, mainly working in analog, and therefore spending a lot of time in the dark room. After graduating in 2016, I worked for a photography gallery based in Paris for over two years, organising and producing exhibitions with emerging and established artists from all backgrounds and horizons. In 2020, I completed a post-graduate degree in Curatorial Studies from the KASK School of Art in Ghent, where I co-curated my first online exhibition. I am curious and fascinated about any and all experimentations that are possible in the dark room, I love writing and discovering new work and new artists.
Currently based between Paris and Brussels.

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