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Thanks to this exhibition, we raised and donated 2.440€ to Red Cross Ukraine. We are grateful to all the 190 people who submitted and donated. Alternative Processes condemns Russia’s brutal act of war in Ukraine and want to manifest full solidarity with Ukraine's people and all those who are suffering innocently.

1__Cosmic Conception__Cliché-verre_Cameraless photograph.jpg

Charlotte Greenwood


Charlotte Greenwood is an experimental fine art photographer based in London. Originally from the North West of England, she moved to the capital in 2017 to study a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Visual Media at the University of the Arts London and graduated with a First-Class Honours in 2021. During the placement year of her degree, she completed an internship in downtown Los Angeles at The School of Light under the instruction of the photographer Andrew Hall, which is where her passion for cameraless photography was ignited.

3__Cosmic Conception__Cliché-verre_Cameraless photograph.jpg


Mara Magyarosi-Laytner


Mara Magyarosi-Laytner is a Detroit based artist, educator, and alternative process enthusiast. Her work typically pairs experimental photography methods to explore identity and mental health through a symbolic and poetic lens. She has spent the past few years advancing her education through graduate studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design – first, with her MA in Arts Administration in 2016 and currently as a MFA Candidate in the Photography department with an anticipated graduation date in June 2022. Mara proudly is the founder of the Silver Water Collective, an all women artist collective celebrating the work of ten fine art photographers across North America.

At the heart of this work, The Untended Garden is about the universality of transforming identity and gaining the wisdom to see flaws as strengths

Yas Crawford_2022_Inception IVa.jpg

Yas Crawford


Yas Crawford is an internationally awarded photographer who has exhibited in the UK and Europe. Crawford is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and a Fellow of the Geological Society. She was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales where the landscape and
biological make-up have subliminally influenced her work. With a degree in Geology and a master’s in Photography, Crawford has worked as a microbiologist, in various business roles, an entrepreneur in life sciences, and now working in what she calls ‘The Grey Space’ in-between disciplines.

Yas Crawford_2022_Inception Ia (1).jpg

Sabina Suru


Sabina is a multimedia artist from Romania, with a focus on analogue and alternative photography, respectively analogue holography and video. Her approach to alternative photography is hybrid, she has dedicated the last couple of years to coating glass plates with various emulsions - she started with "jelly" cyanotypes, and went on to low grained potassium dichromate. The end game was managing to obtain some functional plates for DCG (dichromated gelatin) holography, as a natural continuation of the silver-gelatin plates I have been using throughout my first year of researching this beautiful underrated (a little out of this world) sister of photography.

5. Excavation III (detail).jpg

Maryanne Braine


‘Excavation’ is an effort to reframe how the female form is viewed and received within the art world and society at large. These ideas are explored using images of the artist’s body, which are printed on paper and physically layered on top of each other through gel medium photo transfers. This process creates a partial transfer where the image is fully visible in certain sections of the piece and still hidden beneath a haze of white paper in others.

3. Excavation VI (back).jpg

Yvette Cruz


Yvette Cruz is a Mexican artist and photographer based in Germany. Her photographic work includes a visual exploration of the use of natural motifs and materials as a means to re-visit the use of photography as a Psycomagic Act as to delve into the artistic possibilities on the combination of old analogue processes, digital photography and graphic techniques. Her photography embraces the mixture and encounter of the opposites: life and death, rational and mythical elements which she uses to explore the bridge between body and spirit.



Amber Lee Williams is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist living and working in St. Catharines, Ontario. Following the birth of her first daughter, she decided overnight to return to school and completed an undergraduate degree in Visual Arts at the Marilyn. Anthotypes are impermanent photographs made from plant material.

Amber Lee Williams

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 17.19.28.png

Carol Record


Carol Record is a visual artist and photographer native to Alabama. Her work utilizes a combination of traditional and digital processes and often focuses on the human condition, memory, and exploration. The #MeToo movement, which went viral in October 2017, prompted me to reexamine and reprocess my own personal history with sexual assault and harassment. From 1996 to 1998, between the ages of 13 and 15, I was raped and manipulated by my stepfather, a man I had grown to love and trust like my own father.


Caroline Bell


Caroline Bell utilizes their platform in the arts to consistently grow as an artist, student and one day international art education teacher. They are currently attending Grand Valley State University where they are getting their degree in Art Education. They plan on getting their Master’s in Art Therapy afterwards. In recent works, Caroline has been creating visual art that depicts how memory has shaped their identity. They work in a wide variety of mediums, ranging from ceramics, photography, and design.

As the chemigram passes through the empty face, I am able to show how my personal experience with trauma feels in a personified manner.


Charlotte Nicole Victoria


Charlotte is a visual artist based in the Netherlands, working at the crossroads of several mediums, especially printing, analog and experimental photography. Her work centers around the themes of remembrance, identities and femininity. Her aesthetic is rooted in the french countryside as much as in folkloric tradition. Mold on Polaroïds. This series explores femininity and women’s bodies through society’s vision.

Rose petals reaching for the sky.jpeg

Gina Glover


Gina Glover is recipient of the Royal Photographic Society’s Hood Medal and the Medical Research Council’s Visions of Science Award. She is co- founder of Photofusion Photography Centre, London. For more almost two decades her focus has been on ecology and climate change, resulting in a jointly-contributed book and exhibition entitled ‘The Metabolic Landscape: Perception, Practice and the Energy Transition’ (2012). Her most recent exhibition, ‘Microplastics: Seeing is Believing’, on the theme of microplastics pollution, was shown at the 2021 Pingyao Festival, China.

_Pond water bull rushes.jpeg

Dora Kontha


Dora Kontha (b.1987) is a photographic artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work focuses on inner and outer landscapes involving various analogue processes and experimental techniques. Soulscapes series explores the individual’s perception of its surroundings, the alternative realities, and the constant change in memories over time. Fragile inner landscapes appear in the photographs, where reminiscence and missing details complement each other, creating a new reality.


Helen Emily Davy


Helen Emily Davy (b. 1996) is an artist and writer from Manchester, UK. She is a graduate of the Art and Science Master’s programme at the Universität für angewandte Kunst, Vienna and the Fine Art Painting & Printmaking programme at the Glasgow School of Art. She works in a diverse range of media including, but not limited to, installation, printmaking, collage, stained glass, embroidery, and text, often incorporating archival material to examine questions related to subjectivity and the body.


Katie Bret-Day


Katie Bret-Day is a London based artist that uses viscous materiality of photography to explore the contingent and discursive nature of being. With interests in the posthuman and connected ecology her research explores the amalgamation of digital and physical bodies using alternative methods of image capture, interventions and printing. In 2018 she was presented as one of five rising talents by the Guardian and her work has been included in the Tate commissioned Photography Ideas Book (2019) and acquired by the British Library. She has been nominated for both the ReGeneration3 project and the Foam Paul Huf Award and received Creative Reviews Zeitgeist Award in 2018. 


Martha Gray x Bel Mehta


Gray x Mehta is a collaboration between photographer Martha Gray, and illustrator Bel Mehta. This artwork is created using Gray’s alternative photographic process bioplastic printing method, and is depicting an illustration by Mehta. Gray and Mehta have been friends for over ten years, and were inspired to make this piece as a representation of the value and significance of friendships between women. The combination of the colour pink and the ‘female nude’ are used as a rejection of patriarchal ideologies favoured in the male dominated art world. Gray and Mehta choose instead to reclaim aesthetics that are devalued by the canon due to their association to women.


Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 17.17.49.png
Solar07_Ria Wank.jpg

Ria Wank


Ria Wank, born in 1988, Cottbus (Germany) was stuying textile design at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle(Saale). 2014 she started working with experimental analogphotography and the mixing of different analog techniques.  She utilizes processes in her series that were originally developed for textil dyeing. She makes use of reservation techniques such as tying. Clamping, taping and the inclusion of materials such as wax, resin or oild, which are typically used in the developement of photographic images.

Solar05_Ria Wank.jpg

Maréva Druilhe


Born in 1989, Maréva DRUILHE passion with photography started 15 years ago. After years of photographic wanderings, during which she was introduced to different techniques, her practice has evolved towards photographing the intimate. In an introspective approach, she questions the relationship to the body, the link to the other and to her own image, as well as family legacies. Artistic nudes, intimate (self)portraits, landscapes between the real and the imaginary, or urban exploration revealing the forgotten history of an abandoned building, she is passionate about these encounters, always a little enigmatic, with the Other outside, or the Other inside.



A dark room, isolated from the light, except for a tiny, bright entrance. Silence. I sit down and wait for my eyes to accommodate the darkness. On the walls, the outside unfolds.

Self Study During Winter, Cyanotype on found object, 2015.JPG

Samantha Metzner


Samantha Metzner is an artist and photographer currently based in Moab, UT. She specializes in historic and alternative printing processes, most notably cyanotypes. Sam received her B.A. in Photography from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. Most of her current work revolves around the timeless interpretation of iconic landscapes in the west.

This body of work seeks to explore the mystery of interactions with the self and the intimate (personal) constructions of meaning which follow.  By using mirrors as objects to hold the cyanotypes, I aim to make such interactions more fully realized in an embodied experience, one that brings up questions of conceptualizing about the self in all its complexity. For me, the mirror is inherently an intimate object. It is designed to bring one closer to the self by reflecting the truth, but is in fact fundamentally flawed: there are no true reflections—a mirrored image is always reversed, for example—just as there is no fixed self. 


Zara Carpenter


Zara Carpenter: self-taught multi disciplinary artist and curator based in Rochester UK. Her recent work has examined themes of the body, trauma and grief. Processes include analog photography specifically experimenting with Polaroid and wet plate collodion, cameraless photography, print making and sculptural assemblages. She has exhibited nationally/internationally and recently had work acquired by The Wellcome Collection. She is also an arts workshop facilitator delivering workshops for The Wellcome Collection, Normal! festival of the Brain, FreeSpace Project and many more.

Screenshot 2022-03-29 at 16.19.30.png

This experimental, destructive process is initiated by hand, yet the results are beyond my control. Submitting to chaos I become free from the constraints of creating a perfect image with a defined outcome.


Patricia Ziad

Brought up in Mid Wales, now based in Penarth, Wales, and works from a studio at home. Her work is photography based and results from skills acquired in the dark room which led to lengthy experimenting with alternative processes and refining work to create an individual approach and technique. Patricia has an MA with distinction in Documentary Photography from USW Newport. In 2013 she won the Welsh Artist of the Year, Student Award. She was chair of Women’s Arts Association Wales from 2015-18. A selection of her work is currently exhibited in tactile Bosch Cardiff as part of the art group Concentric celebrating IWD 2022. Patricia also exhibited with 8 other women photographers in the Glyn Vivian Gallery in the group exhibition ‘The Moon and A Smile’.


Bridget Conn


Bridget Conn is a photographic artist who explores the potential of photography as a chemical and physical medium through the creation of chemigrams. Dealing with themes of mark-making, written language, and the challenges of communication, Conn investigates the boundaries of photography through prints, wall installations, and sculptural works. She received her BFA (2000) from Tulane University and MFA (2003) from the University of Georgia. She currently resides in Savannah, GA, USA.


In a world where all the correct answers exist in my pocket, it has become rare and beautiful to temporarily exist in a space of unknowing, of wonder -- to take pause and explore a medium in which I do not have full control.

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